Architecture Photography Guide

Buildings are important to people. A majority of people live in buildings, we start our lives in a hospital and that is a building. People have been constructed these buildings for thousands of years and are the most lasting creation. The architectural photographer is a lonely hunter that tries to find a certain truth about the building. The images produced from the lenses of the architectural photographer can make a building look more beautiful than it is. These photographs have the ability to interpret, enhance and explain the artistic facts about textures, shapes, and general details that can lift up the architectural design.

Photographing a building or architecture the main key is that the photographer must express the soul of the building or its deeper character that can only be seen through a photograph. Architectural photography is about creating an image that is creative and unique and defines the subject.  If you are an architectural photographer then you must know how hard is to get a shot from the right angle with the right balance of light, color, and shape.

Always think about what you are shooting for a while before you take the shot.

  For capturing perfect photographs of architecture, you must have good composition, geometry, and good light. A successful architectural shot is that in which the photography and the architecture elements share the same love and that is detail. A detailed description of the building allows a viewer to feel through the camera view. That is a good definition of a successful architectural shot.  

The following are some of the tips regarding the architectural photography

  • Be attentive and patient
  • Analyze your building.
  • Compose the shot carefully
  • Observe with your heart.
  • Try to shoot at night (if possible)
  • Use a longer lens
  • Point out the interesting details