Villa Kalithea

The Luxurious Haven of Tranquility

It’s located in the southwest of the Peloponnese, between the villages of Pyla and Gialova, about 5 km from the charming port of Pylos. The villa has a splendid view of the emblematic Navarino Bay. Every evening you can marvel at the sight of the sunset, which is always exceptional and so different every time. 

The Kalithea luxury villa in Messinia, Greece is a beautiful and relaxing vacation destination. You can enjoy the pristine beauty of nature while enjoying your stay.

The area is known for its stunning beaches and beautiful views of the sea but what makes it special are the hidden gems you’ll discover during your stay.

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Front View

Swimming Pool

Front View by night

Master Bedroom

Main Entrance View


Dining Room

Living Room

Exterior View Setting Area

Exterior Swimming Pool

Exterior Swimming Pool

Sunset View by swimming PoolExterior Swimming Pool

Sunset View by swimming Pool

Interior Living Room by Night

Interior Dining Room by Night

Night View Overall View

Daylight Swimming Pool View

How To Prepare Your Home For Photoshoot

One of the most important steps is the preparation of your space.

On the day of the photoshoot, everything must be ready with the guidance you have previously received from the professional who will take over the photography of your space. It is important for owners to understand the role of the photographer and how valuable they are to the success of the sale or renting.

The professional photographer when will arrive will spend some time going over the most important details to come up with the best shots. It is certain that you will get significantly better results from the photographer’s services if your home is ready and you have followed the instructions below, it will also help the photographer significantly in the process.
This will bring more profit when you sell or rent your space.

Checklist Guide - How To Prepare Your Home For The Photoshoot

  • Kitchen preparation

If the kitchen counters are cluttered, it is good to remove everything, it makes the kitchen look bigger.
Remove everything, maybe leave some decorative items on the countertops and clean all surfaces.
Clean out the kitchen sink and remove any clutter, dishes, etc.

  • Preparing the Bathrooms & Showers

Remove all shampoo bottles, soaps, razors, and other items.

You want the bathrooms to look empty and shiny.

Don’t forget to clean mirrors and remove towels and toilet paper.
Clean the toilet and close the lid.

  • Dining Room

Create an idyllic environment that invites guests.
Stack the chairs, add a central decorative element or candleholder.
Set the dinner table, add a vase of white flowers, a bottle of wine and glasses

  • Check for non-functional lamps and outdoor lighting

Particularly useful at night and evening shots

  • Open Windows and French doors

The more light, the better. (with exceptions in some cases)

Natural light is the best thing in Real Estate photography.

  • Arrangement of furniture and decorative elements

Perhaps the most difficult request, but it is one of the most important items on the list.

Removing and storing excess or large furniture can be a challenge,
but it opens up floor space and makes the home look much larger, especially in small spaces.

  • Carpets and Mats

Carpets are great for protecting your floors, but they can make the overall space look smaller, which in turn makes the room look smaller if it’s easy remove them.
But make sure you remove all floor mats in bathrooms, kitchen, and entry areas.

  • Check for clean surfaces and clutter

Remove all magnets from the refrigerator, calendars, keys.
Obvious cords and personal items and any other place you put notes.
Not only does it make your home appear cleaner and neater, but it also keeps your personal information safe from the general public.

  • Bedrooms

Use monochrome and light-colored sheets that cover the whole bed and match the mattress well.
If the bedroom is clean, and the bed is not made correctly, it makes the whole bedroom look ugly.
Straighten the sheets and make the beds
Place decorative pillows
Clean under the bed and remove obvious clutter
Clean cluttered surfaces
Check for personal photos and valuables

  • Personal Photos

You must remove all personal photos from the entire house.

  • Remove shoes and jackets

When buyers /tenters see shoes and jackets in photos, they assume the home lacks storage space.
It’s best to remove all jackets and shoes from anywhere they can be viewed throughout the home.

  • Pets Notice

In fact, some people are severely allergic to animals.
It is extremely important to make sure that your home shows no signs of pets.
Spend some time on this part, as it is one of the factors for a price reduction.

  • Cleaning and tidying up a Terrace/Patio/Yard

The first image people will see of your home will be the outside front yard, so it really needs to be presented in very good condition.
Decorate these areas with flowers and decorative items to create a relaxing inviting space.

  • Removal of waste bins and garden equipment

Large trash cans and lawn equipment will detract from the photos of the properties.
Put all trash cans in the garage, along with watering hoses, lawnmowers, and other maintenance tools.
Keep the lawn free and clear of any toys and pets as well.

  • Arrangement and layout of outdoor elements such as barbeque, umbrellas, chairs, patios, pools

If you have an outdoor barbeque the grill covers must be removed so that the grills are exposed and ready for use. If it is an old grill that needs to be covered because it is rusted and unsightly, it is best to remove it completely. Clean and remove toys from the pool as well as all pool cleaning equipment if there is any. If there is not much wind during the photo shoot, make sure to open umbrellas and arrange the area as if you are expecting guests.
Place cushions and fresh flowers to create an inviting space for your photographer to show off your space how it deserves it.

  • The time of photography will depend on the size of the property

Usually, garage and staff rooms are not usually photographed unless they are unique in nature or as requested. If you have special features that are not obvious, please let me know so that I can include them in the photography. 

Also, let me know if your property contains valuable artwork so that I can edit the photos and make them incomprehensible or make sure they are not in the shots.