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  1. Villa Mystique

    A true Mykonian summer retreat! Discover Tsangari Cove and Lia Beach, the last two southeastern beaches of the island. You can walk to either from your villa and choose between Lia’s beach club or Tsangari’s more natural appeal. A handful of other beaches are within a short drive. So is…

  2. Interior Photography for WellDome

    A new construction project and interior design by WellDome in the suburb of Piraeus( Mikrolimano ) in Athens, Greece.

  3. Using Natural Framing to Improve Your Composition

    To compose more exciting and beautiful photographs, there are certain key composition techniques that you can use. Natural framing is one that is widely known but needs a careful and thoughtful approach. Using framing can create extremely impressive and elegant images when done right. Here are some tips to help…

  4. Tips for Creating Worthy Interior Photos

    What is Interior Photography .?  Have you ever photographed for real estate listings?  Then you may have gotten a taste of what shooting interior photography is like. But architectural or interior photography is different than real estate photography. Part of it is because it takes more time and energy to…